CHRIS INGRAM: A Journey by Paint and Brush

Posted on Jun 4, 2015

Final_Approach - Headin' Home

Final_Approach – Headin’ Home

May 14 – June 25, 2015 in the Nancy C. Dender Gallery

An exhibit of collected works that tell the story of the artist’s journey, the pieces represent a fascination with experimentation in various media, from oil painting to sculpture. Thematically  held together with the common thread of telling a story, each piece relays those small moments in  a life lived surrounded by family, work, picturesque scenery, technology, work, and so on.

Chris Ingram earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Before college, he had the privilege of living in Europe and experiencing many of the great masterpieces of Western Art in person. This inspiring time has driven him to constantly seek knowledge and develop his skills. This is the foundation of his lifetime of experience in the visual arts. He is fortunate to have parents who never hesitated to encourage his desire to study art. His supportive wife and children complete the circle. Chris believes that the enjoyment of and appreciation of art is for everyone. He also believes that it is the artist’s job to be an observer and storyteller, the individual who challenges and reflects society with an artistic eye.