Want to be a part of the Etowah Arts Commission? Volunteer with us! Whatever your skill set, we can use your help to make Etowah a better, brighter, more artsy place! Volunteers also receive certain perks and inclusion with special events – such as discount rates or exclusive invitations. “Internship” status or professional references available with significant volunteer hours. Strapped for cash to attend a class or event? Ask about trading volunteer hours for fees! Call (423) 263-7608 or email info@EtowahArts.org for more information about volunteering. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

Available Jobs (5)

Short-Term Volunteers Needed:

  • Exterior Painter/Cleaner

Help us make our building shine for new promotional photos! We will be cleaning and applying touch-up paint to the exterior of our corner building.
Date: TBA, in July or August

Long-Term Volunteers Needed:

  • Archivist

Your own project to protect the history of Etowah Arts Commission! Celebrate 35 years of arts in Etowah!
Needed: Whenever available, at the office
Time: Within office hours
Rotate with others? Yes
Job: Scan old documents and photographs about Etowah Arts Commission. Laptop computer, desk, and scanner provided. Comfort with computers required. Any prior experience with scanning useful.

  • Gallery Refresher

Cleaning our open exhibition space is an easy task, but one which takes time away from program, office, and grant management. Help keep our public space looking great while keeping Melanie on task with managerial duties!
Needed: Weekly, at the office
Time: 30-45 minutes
Rotate with others? Yes
Job: Lightly dust and vacuum the gallery space and windows each week. Lightly clean tables and exterior bench. Cleaning supplies and gloves furnished.

  • Social Media Scheduler

Facebook and Twitter and Google+, oh my! Social media is a great way to let everyone know about fun happenings at Etowah Arts and Melanie certainly knows how to use it. Problem is, she doesn’t have the time to write, type, and prep regular updates each week – not if EAC wants to keep having new programs and classes. Help her, EAC, and art-lovers out by scheduling Social Media updates with an easy-to-use program!
Needed: Bi-Weekly, in or out of office
Time: 1-2 hours
Rotate with others? No
Job: Enter social media status into an online database for automatic updates. Will be trained by Melanie. Very simple to use, but comfort with the internet required. These updates will be placed according to a planned schedule. Update content collected from assigned newsletter and website text.

  • Town Crier

This is actually an old position, dating from 1979! Anyone can support EAC by being a ‘town crier’ – that is, talking to your friends and family about the art happening in Etowah! Encouraging attendance and participation in our clubs and events whenever you are online or in person is all it takes’!
Needed: Always!
Time: Anytime!
Rotate with others? No need! Everyone welcome!
Job: Tell your friends and family about EAC and our activities! On Facebook: invite friends to our Page and Events. Online: link to our website or forward our eNewsletter to buddies. In Person: talk about what a fun time you had at our event and invite them to come with you next time!