The Etowah Arts Commission is open from 12-6pm  on Thursday and Fridays, and Saturdays during special events.
Admission to the Gallery is free. Artwork is usually for sale to the public.

If you are with a group of 5 or more, please contact us at 423-263-7608 or info@etowaharts.org to ensure that the Gallery is open and available when you are visiting the area. Special hours may be arranged to accommodate your schedule.

Our office is located at 700 Tennessee Ave, Etowah TN 37331 (link opens Google Maps), directly next door to the Gem Theater in downtown Etowah, across from the L&N Depot.
If you have trouble reaching us, please call 423-263-7608 or email info@etowaharts.org.

Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 193, Etowah TN 37331

The purpose of the Etowah Arts Commission, as established in 1977, is to sponsor and encourage cultural and educational activities in the City of Etowah and its surrounding areas. The Commission may sponsor cooperative planning, research, fund-raising, and public education programs, administer property, and undertake such other services and programs deemed necessary to encourage participation in and appreciation of the arts and sciences by all citizens of the area.

The Etowah Arts Commission was founded in 1977 as a branch of the City of Etowah government. During the 1980’s EAC generated a Community Chorus and Community Band, as well as a year-long community history project from 1988-89. EAC founded the Gem Players and provided support for their first two years of operation. Similarly, the Tennessee Overhill Heritage Association was developed through EAC, who provided six months of initial operational support. In 1991, EAC campaigned and joined in the renovation of the Gem Theater and moved into the restored drugstore next door. In 1992, EAC created and still sponsors the yearly Young Authors Conference for all McMinn County youths to share their written works with each other. The Cousin Jake Memorial Bluegrass Festival was founded in 1994 to honor native local Jake Tullock and his contributions to bluegrass music and continues to this day.

EAC is controlled by a Board of Directors. Our Board currently consists of twelve citizens passionate about serving the artistic needs of Etowah and the surrounding area working in 3-year terms.

Daily operations are handled by our Executive Director.  If you are would like to be a part of EAC or learn more, feel free to contact us at 423-263-7608 or director@etowaharts.org.