2nd Annual Overhill Shutterbug Photography Exhibit

Posted on Mar 1, 2012

It’s time for the 2nd Annual Overhill Shutterbug Photography Exhibit!
Submissions will be hung for public viewing from April 17 to June 1, 2012. Bring your prospective photos to the March 6th or April 3rd meeting for peer review!
There will be a public reception in April as decided during the March 6th meeting.
Submissions accepted April 12 &13

Rules:  Print Here

  • Limit 3 photos per artist.
  • Artists must be a subscriber to the Overhill Shutterbuzz or attendee of Overhill Shutterbugs meetings prior to March 10, 2012.
  • Photographs may be of any age, theme, processing medium, size, or alteration.
  • Photographs MUST be framed with a back wall hanger. Gallery-style with a cord across the back is strongly suggested as other methods may not be entirely secure. Some photographs with a rear stand may be accepted.
  • Photographs without a frame will NOT be accepted.
  • Each photograph must be accompanied by a completed EAC description card, which is provided by EAC at the time of or prior to submission delivery.
  • All submissions must be brought to the Etowah Arts Commission on April 12 or 13, 2012 between 12pm-6pm. Photos will NOT be accepted on any other date.
  • All submissions are to be picked up on June 5, 2012 from 12pm-6pm. Any submission left after this date without prior agreement will become a possession of EAC. Any such submission may then be sold, given away, or destroyed at EAC’s will.
  • Photographs, with frame, may be priced to sell. EAC will receive a 15% commission from any sales. EAC will cover any fees incurred through credit card payment. Sold pieces may be immediately removed from display.
  • EAC reserves the right to deny and to remove from display any submission it deems obscene, degenerative, or discriminatory.
  • Submissions will be displayed as space allows, with equal consideration given to each artist for the number of pieces displayed.
  • EAC is not responsible for any damage or loss incurred during set-up, display, or removal of any artist’s submission(s). All work is displayed at the artist’s risk.