2011, Feb 16 – MCEF 8th Grade Career Day

Posted on Feb 16, 2011

Etowah Arts Commission’s Executive Director Melanie Grace Guthrey will attend the McMinn County Education Foundation’s 8th Grade Career Day on February 16th at the Armory. She will represent the field of Arts Administration and talk with interested students about how to pursue a career in the arts beyond just being a artist.

It is a wide-wide world of options – just think of how many people are involved in the production of one music album. There are the musicians, the music recorder, music editor, marketer, band photographer, band manger, music publisher, music distributors, booking agencies, equipment rentals, and all of the executives of every step along the way deciding if each song will sell. Every area of the arts is similarly filled with a number of positions which are necessary for the artist’s work to reach the public. And that list does not even include the multitude of positions necessary for a single concert! There are many jobs in the arts, and well paying ones too, you just may not be the artist.

If you or your child is interested in volunteering with the Etowah Arts Commission to learn hands-on how an arts organization functions, please email volunteer@etowaharts.org.